3rd Infantry Regiment Life Regiment Grenadiers, Swedish Army

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Raised : 1893 by amalgamating the Livregementets grenadjärkår and the Närkes regemente
Disbanded : 2000
Garrison : Örebro

Coat of arms (crest) of the 3rd Infantry Regiment Life Regiment Grenadiers, Swedish Army

Official blazon

I blått fält lilla riksvapnet, tre öppna kronor, ställda två över en. Skölden lagd över två korslagda musköter och omgiven av en halmkrans lagd under musköterna och kronan, allt guld.
Motto: (not shown) Artibus et armis recuperatur gloria = Knowledge and Arms grant glory.


The Straw Wreath circeling the Shield symbolises the participation of the Regiment's predecessor in the Battle of Lund 1676. The Swedish Forces in the Battle carried Straw in their Hats, to different themsleves from the Danish Foes. The Regiment ws disbanded in 2000, but the Coat of Arms continues to be used by the Life Regiment Grenadier Section which is responsible for training Home Guard units in the former Regimental Area.

The Motto orignaly carried on the Colours of the Närke-Värmland Regiment in 1658. In 1957 the Chief of the Army allowed it to be used by the Life Regiment Grenadiers.

Regimental Colour

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