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State : Northern Territory

Arms (crest) of Alice Springs
Official blazon
English blazon wanted


The arms are not officially granted.

The Rising Sun represents Alice Springs as a place under the sun, which is consistent with Alice Springs's status as one of Australia's most successful Solar Cities.

The Red Heart in the centre of the shield represents Alice Springs as the Red Heart of the Centre of Australia.

The camel in the 1st quarter represents traditional ties with the pioneering days when Afghan camel trains were the main regional transportation system.

Mount Gillen in the 2nd quarter represents the area in which Alice Springs was settled.

The Overland Telegraph in the 3rd quarter represents the development of communications in Central Australia.

The Aboriginal symbolic water hole in the 4th quarter represents the importance of Aboriginal culture.

Supporters: on the left side stands a horse rampant and on the right side a bull rampant.

The motto "In Media Stat Virtus" translates as "In the Centre Stands Strength".


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