Blasons adhésif (As-de-Coeur)

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As de Cœur heraldic adhesive postcard series
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Series and Variations

There are several series issued by this company, or under this name, see below. The design is very similar to the designs used by Kroma, but in nearly all cases the logo with the letters AS in a heart is shown on front, although there are also cards without logo. The latter look identical to cards by Méridionales, but clearly have As-de Cœur on the reverse.

The cards have been issued in many variants, mainly visible as different arrows on the front, but also with many backs. The older cards are issued by Société des cartes postales APA-POUX in Albi. In later years the name is replaced by Artaud Frères with or without the As-de-Coeur logo on the back


Cards issued

Only cards issued with the As-de-Coeur logo (front or reverse) are shown here.

Series 1 : Single cards : Blason adhésif

This is a series with a very similar design as the Kroma cards, but labelled As de Cœur instead of Kroma, numbers are identical to the numbers of Kroma

Series 2 : Double cards : Blasons adhésifs

Included here are all cards with two shields and the name Blasons Adhésifs. Several different designs exist.

Series 3 : Double cards : Ecussons adhésifs

Series 4 : Double cards : Ecussons adhésifs

Same design, issued by Kroma, go As de Coeur logo

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