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Incorporated into : 1975 Stewartry (1996 Dumfries and Galloway)

Arms (crest) of Castle Douglas

Official blazon

Barry of six Argent and Azure, a heart Gules ensigned with an imperial crown between two wings Or.

Above the Shield is placed a Burghal coronet and in an Escrol beneath the Shield this Motto "Forward".


The arms were officially granted on September 10, 1929.

Dumfries is a Royal Burgh of King William the Lion, dating from about 1186.

Castle Douglas was created a Burgh of Barony in 1791 in favour of Sir William Douglas, a local man who had prospered in the West Indies and had purchased the estate of Gelston in Kirkcudbrightshire and built a castle there.

Based on the device on the seal adopted by the Burgh in 1892, the arms have the silver and blue colours of Galloway for a field; the crowned and winged heart and the motto were the crest and motto of Douglas, Marquess of Queensberry, with whom Sir William Douglas claimed kinship

Arms (crest) of Castle Douglas

Seal of the burgh as used in the 1890s
Arms (crest) of Castle Douglas

The arms in the Coffee Hag albums +/- 1935

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