Fédération des francophones de Terre-Neuve et du Labrador

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Coat of arms (crest) of Fédération des francophones de Terre-Neuve et du Labrador

Official blazon

Arms : Per bend sinister Azure and Gules, a pile reversed issuant from the dexter flank and truncated in chief Argent, overall in sinister chief two billowing sails in pale Or, the first charged with a black spruce twig Sable, the second charged with a pitcher plant flower Sable voided Or
Crest : An hourglass proper, its case Azure
Supporters : Two salamanders Azure speckled Or, enflamed and set on a rocky mound proper


The arms were officially granted on October 15, 2004.

The shield displays the same content and symbolism as the flag adopted in 1986 by the Fédération. The blue, white and red, being the colours of the Acadian flag, underline French origins. These elements, along with the sails, commemorate the arrival of French ancestors at Newfoundland and Labrador. The black spruce twig is an emblem of Labrador, and the pitcher plant is the floral emblem of the province.

The hourglass represents the past, the present and the future and also the notion of anchoring in time the actions taken by the Fédération to preserve and develop the French language. The hourglass is a powerful symbol of the organization that also conveys the idea of continuous advancement forward.

The salamanders highlight the energetic approach of the Fédération. The mythical salamanders thrive in fire and are immortal. They thus represent the enduring nature of the Fédération and its continuing role over the years, and they express the predominant qualities of the Fédération, both its strength and its long-term commitment. The salamander was the badge of King Francis I of France, in whose name Jacques Cartier set sail for Canada.

The motto means “One step at a time” and expresses the idea of sustained effort and of the results that flow from building upon patient collective efforts. It also refers to the perseverance and the hope that underlie any cause aiming at a better future.

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