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Coat of arms (crest) of Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance

Official blazon

Arms: Per chevron Argent and Azure in chief two hearts Gules and in base on a Mount vert a representation of the second Royal Exchange building proper.
Crest: on a wreath of the colours a representation of Atlas proper.
Supporters: On the dexter side a representation of Minerva Bellatrix supporting with the exterior hand a spear holding in the interior hand a Sprig of Mistletoe fructed proper and by the feet the Gorgoneion Or and on the sinister side a representation of Neptune proper supporting with the exterior hand a Trident Or.


The arms were officially granted on ?

The arms are based on the arms of the Royal Exchange Assurance from 1721 and the badge of the Guardian Assurance Company. The building and the Neptune supporter are taken from the Royal Exchange Assurance, Minerva is taken from the badge of the Guardian Assurance Company. Minerva represents wisdom, Neptune refers to marine insurance.

The crest was the symbol of the Atlas insurance company, a subsidiary company.

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