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Heraldry of the World
Civic heraldry of Finland


Region : Varsinais-Suomi
Former province : Western Finland (until 1997 Turku and Pori)
Incorporated into : 2009 Salo


Official blazon

Punaisessa kentässä kultatammi ja sakarakoroinen kultalakio, jossa musta sarvi.


The arms were officially granted on February 12, 1953.

The horn in th echif is taken from the arms of the Horn family, whol played a major role in the local history. The wall refers to the many fortresses in the region in medieval times. The oak refersto the oak forests and the estates in the municipality.

Literature : Pirinen, K. Local coats of arms in Finland (Suomen kunnallisvaakunat), Vantaa, 1982, 216 p.