Homberg (Ohm)

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Wappen von Homberg (Ohm)/Arms (crest) of Homberg (Ohm)

Country : Germany

State : Hessen

District (Kreis) : Vogelsbergkreis

(until 1973 Alsfeld)

Additions: (to see click on expand)

  • 1971 Appenrod
  • 1971 Bleidenrod
  • 1971 Büßfeld
  • 1971 Dannenrod
  • 1971 Erbenhausen
  • 1971 Gontershausen
  • 1971 Haarhausen
  • 1971 Höingen
  • 1971 Maulbach
  • 1971 Ober-Ofleiden
  • 1971 Schadenbach
  • 1972 Deckenbach
  • 1972 Nieder-Ofleiden

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Official blazon
German In Blau über einem silbernen Kleeblattbogen eine silberne Burg mit Mittelturm, beseitet von zwei kleineren Türmen mit roten Dächern; unter dem Kleeblattbogen der nach links schreitende bunte hessische Löwe.
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The oldest seal of Homberg dates already from 1234, before the city officially received city rights. All seals until the 16th century show a castle or city wall, with the barred lion of the Counts of Hessen, to which the city belonged. In a seal from 1536 the lion was facing left, instead of the more common right. The present arms are based on this last seal.

In the 17th until the 19th century the arms appear in many rolls of arms in wrong or different colours. First the lion was shown red in silver, later gold in blue (Nassau). This was also restored in the late 19th century when the above arms were adopted.

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Literature: Stadler, K. : Deutsche Wappen - Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Angelsachsen Verlag, 1964-1971, 8 volumes; images and information from the Stadt Homburg (Ohm) council.

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