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State : Hessen
District (Kreis) : Rheingau-Taunus Kreis (until 1977 Rheingaukreis)

Wappen von Kiedrich/Arms (crest) of Kiedrich
Official blazon
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The combination of tower and wheels has been used since the early 15th century on seals and borderstones. The tower or church is derived from the arms of the medieval Lord of Kederich (known from 1391). The castle has been referred to as symbolising the Scharfenstein castle in the town. The left half shows the wheels of Mainz, as the area belonged to the State of Mainz until 1802.

In the 19th century, when the town was part of Hessen-Nassau, the wheels of Mainz were no longer used.

The wheels are now placed in the left half, but have also been placed in the right half and both symbols have also been used in an undivided field.

Seal of Kiedrich

The seal from 1420
Seal of Kiedrich

The seal from 1735
Seal of Kiedrich

The seal in the 19th century
Arms of Kiedrich

The arms on an image from 1612
Arms of Kiedrich

The arms in the local church (1440)
Arms of Kiedrich

The arms in the local church (1510)

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