Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

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Wappen von Klagenfurt am Wörthersee/Arms (crest) of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Country : Austria

State : Kärnten

District  : Klagenfurt Additions  :

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Official blazon
German In Rot über grünem Schildfuß einen dreizinnigen, gequaderten, silbernen Stadtturm mit rundbogigem Tor, vor dem in halber Höhe ein grüner Lindwurm querüber nach rechts schwebt.
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The arms show a tower and a dragon (officially described as a serpent or Lindwurm).

The dragon is derived from a local legend:
A long time ago, when the Kings of Carinthia governed from Karnburg, there was a large area in their lands which was covered with woods and marshes. Not many people dared to go to this area. Many cattle and also several young virgins had disappeared in the area. The turned out to be inhabited by a dragon. To protect the lands and to observe the dragon, the King had a castle built close to the area. In addition he offered a large reward for the person who would be able to get rid of the dragon. A group of local farmers decided to take the risk. They took a big bull and put it on a chain with several hooks attached. When they entered the forest the dragon appeared and grabbed the bull. Thereby the hooks entered his flesh and wounded him. With much effort the farmers then were able to slain the wounded animal. Around the castle finally the village of Klagenfurt developed.

The base of the legend may lie in the discovery of a huge skull around 1335 near Klagenfurt. This skull, which turned out to be from a Woolly Rhinoceros, was shown for many centuries as the skull of the 'Lindwurm'. However, also this seems to be a legend, as already in the 13th century a dragon appeared on the city seals. The skull did this nicely fit in the legend, but was not the origin of the legend.

Image gallery

Literature : Image provided by Karl Palfrader (k.palfrader@aon.at), legend translated from the Klagenfurt website. A large publication on the skull: Puschnig, R. : Der "Lindwurmschädel" von Klagenfurt. Carinthia II, 1935.

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