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'''Registration no.: 021/2018'''
Individual/family : Individual<br>
Individual/family : Individual<br>

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Registration no.: 021/2018

Individual/family : Individual
Country of origin : Netherlands
Place of origin : Gouda
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

Arms of Marcel Roelof Carolus van Vlaanderen

Official English blazon

Per chevron reversed Or and Azure, over all a lion, on Or sable and on Azure Or, langued and armed Gules.

Crest: Two wings parted in three per bend and per bend sinister of Sable, Or and Azure.

Mantling: Azure, lined Or.

Other language blazon


Schild: Omgekeerd kepergewijs doorsneden van Goud en Azuur, over alles heen een leeuw, op het Goud Sabel en op het Azuur Goud, getongd en genageld van Keel.

Helmteken: Een vlucht, geschuind en links-geschuind in drieën van Sabel, Goud en Azuur.

Dekkleden: Azuur en Goud.


The coat of arm is an example of canting arms as it refers to the different parts of the surname:

- The inverted chevron forms a “V”, representing the first part of the name “Van” (meaning “Of”/”From”). It also emphasizes the importance Marcel feels towards the correct use of the “tussenvoegsel” in Dutch family-names.

- As the name “Van Vlaanderen” translates as “From Flanders” a black lion on gold is a logical “quotation” of the coat of arms of the famous region. To avoid a strong sense of usurping the old arms only a part of the lion is coloured this way.

Instead of using a standard counterchanging, he choose to use blue (his favourite colour) for the field. Now the bottom part is blue it can represent three ideas:

- A reference to the origin of this new family in “Guelders” (part of Gelderland: Azure a double-tailed lion Or).

- A reference to the “Herald Guelders” (Cleas Heynensoon, author of several outstanding armorials), representing Marcel’s love for heraldry and these armorials.

- A reference to the surname of his mother “Van der Meer” (meaning “From the Lake”). You can read this coat of arms as a rebus:This family “Van”/”From” (the inverted chevron) “Vlaanderen”/”Flanders” (the black lion on gold) springs out of both “Guelders” (blue and golden lion) and the “Meer” (a blue lake) connected to the first bearer of these arms.

The colours, and their arrangement, on the two wings in the crest represent an abstract of the shield by looking like a double-V (Van Vlaanderen) when seen form the front and using the main colours. The colours themself are a second reference to the origins in “Gelderland”, in reverse order they form the current flag of that province.

Registration details

Dutch Register of Family arms of the Dutch Heraldic College (Nederlands Register Familiewapens van het Nederlands College voor Heraldiek) nr. NRF 2016.237

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