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State : Thüringen
District (Kreis) : Saalfeld-Rudolstadt
Additions ; 1923 Blumenau, Mellenbach, Glasbach, Obstfelderschmiede

Wappen von Mellenbach-Glasbach/Arms (crest) of Mellenbach-Glasbach
Official blazon

Unter goldenem Schildhaupt, darin ein blaues Wellenband, in Rot zwei einander zugewandte silberne Vögel auf einem silbernen Astbalken.

English blazon wanted


The arms were officially granted on May 25, 1993.

The chief shows a wavy bar, canting for the -bach part of both villages (Bach=stream, brook). The lower half shows two finches on a branch, and is derived from the local seal from Mellenbach from the early 20th century. The meaning is not quite clear, but may be a symbol for the former hunting on small birds.

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