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State : Thüringen
District (Kreis) : Saalfeld-Rudolstadt

Wappen von Meuselbach-Schwarzmühle/Arms (crest) of Meuselbach-Schwarzmühle
Official blazon
German In Blau ein silberner, mit einem Rautengitter belegter, Schräglinksbalken, oben ein wachsender goldener, silbern bewehrter Löwe, unten eine goldene Arnikablüte und ein goldenes Mühlrad.
English blazon wanted


The arms were officially granted on June 30, 1993.

The lion is taken from the arms of the Counts of Schwarzburg, who ruled the area for many centuries.

The lower half shows a flower of the Arnika montana, used as a symbol for the former importance of gathering and cultivating medicinal plants and the production of essential oils.
The wheel symbolises the water mills in the Schwarza river and is canting for the village of Schwarzmühle (Schwarza-mill) in the municipality.
The bend symbolises that the two villages in the municipality are situated at different levels, with a 400 m height difference between them. The decoration on the bend symbolises the Schiefergebirge (Schiefer=tile) mountains in which the municipality is situated.

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