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Argentina does not use porper heraldic arms, but the above emblem, which is commonly referred to as a coat of arms.

The emblem was adopted in 1813 and properly described in 1944.

Both right human forearms represent the union of all towns into the United Provinces of River Plate. The red cap is an older symbol for liberty, and the pike demonstrates the purpose of holding it even when fighting.

The rising sun, announces to the world the appearance of a new nation.
The laurels are symbols of victory and triumph, depicting the glory acquired in Suipacha and Tucumán battles.

The ribbon and the shield in blue and white colours, have similar colours of each part of the ellipse, and it is allusive to the Argentine nationality.


The arms on a coin of the River Plate provinces

Collector's items

Arms of National Arms of Argentina

The arms of a postcard, 1910s
Arms of National Arms of Argentina

The arms of a postcard, 1900s

The arms on a Danish cigarette card, 1920s

The arms on a Dutch matchbox label, 1960s

The arms on an American cigarette card, 1900s
Arms of National Arms of Argentina

The arms on a Spanish cigar band, 1960s

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