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Coat of arms (crest) of Pickering Kenyon (Solicitors)

Official blazon

Arms: Quarterly Gules and Azure overall a cross patonce between in the first and fourth quarters a cinquefoil and in the second and third quarters a lion rampant Gold.
Crest: Out of a coronet the finials composed of crosses patonce and cinquefoils a demi Pegasus Ermine winged and unguled Gold.
Mantling: Gules doubled Or.
Motto: "Fidelis et Fortis" |- |English | blazon wanted |}


The arms were officially granted in 1988.

The company was founded in the 1560s by William Umfreville. The arms of the Umfreville family were originally a single cinquefoil in gold on a red field surrounded by crosses patonce. These have been transposed into the new arms by the inclusion of a large cross patonce with a single cinquefoil on a red field in the first and fourth quarters.

The arms of the Pickering family were a lion rampant on an ermine field. As a deviation from that, but picking up the colours of the Umfreville arms, the second and third quarters bear a gold lion rampant on an Azure field.

The Crest consists of a coronet of alternating crosses patonce and cinquefoils, continuing the Umfreville connection. Arising out of the coronet is a demi-pegasus. Besides signifying swiftness of service (as the lions signify strength) the pegasus also appears in the Arms of the Inner Temple and thus again commemorates the Umfreville connection with the Temple. The legal flavour of the Arms is reinforced by the fact that the Law Society's Arms have as supporters a lion and a pegasus.

The motto 'Fidelis et Fortis' is best translated as Faithful and Strong'.

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