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PYE (1896-1988)

Coat of arms (crest) of Pye

Official blazon

Arms: Argent, three bars nebuly gules, overall a cross pall azure.
Crest: On a wreath argent and azure upon clouds nebuly proper, a lion courant or, winged azure and holding in the dexter paw three lightning flashes conjoined in pall proper.
Motto: Precision and Progress.


The arms were officially granted on January 12, 1973.

The three bars nebuly represent oscillation signals and are red to symbolise energy. The pall is derived from the 'Y' in the Pye trade mark.

Argent and azure predominate in the Arms and these colours are the house colours of the Company. The winged lion (said to represent England) races across the sky in the crest, clasping three flashes of lightning (they stand for the energies of telecommunications, electricity and broadcasting.)

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