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State : Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
District (Kreis) : Rostock (until 2011 Bad Doberan)
Amt : Bad Doberan-Land

Wappen von Retschow/Arms (crest) of Retschow
Official blazon
German Unter fünffach gezinnten roten Schildhaupt in Grün eine gestürzte, eingeschweifte goldene Spitze, belegt mit einem schreitenden schwarzen Hahn; vorn und hinten je eine schräg nach außen liegende goldene Ähre.
English blazon wanted


The arms were granted on October 26, 2000

The arms show a battled chief, which symbolises the former castle in the municipality. The black rooster is taken from a local legend. When in 1729 in the nearby city of Neubukow around midnight a large fire developed the black rooster of the priest of Retschow started to crow. The proest woke up, saw the fire in the distance and roused the villagers, who thus were one of the first to help the citizens of Neubukow. The citizens of Neubukow later bought the rooster and took it to the city hall. In 1983 a statue of the rooster was erected in the village. The wheat-ears symbolise the agriculture in the municipality.

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