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RYERSON POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY (1948-1989 Ryerson Polytechnical Institute; since 2001 Ryerson University)

Country: Canada
Campus/location : Toronto

Coat of arms (crest) of Ryerson Polytechnic University

Official blazon

Arms : Azure a right-angled isosceles set square apex downwards Argent on a chief Or an ancient lamp Azure enflamed proper
Crest : A ram’s head caboshed Argent attired Azure between two maple leaves extending outwards Or
Supporters : On either side a ram Argent attired Azure unguled Or gorged with a wreath of maple leaves Vert charged on the body with a torch Or enflamed proper enfiled through a right-angled isosceles set square apex downwards Azure


The arms were officially recorded in the records of the College of Arms, London, on 20 May 1966 to the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, and granted in Canada on June 18, 1999 to Ryerson Polytechnic University.

The lamp is the symbol of intelligence giving forth the flame of the spirit within. It is light in the darkness. It is inspiration.

The set square is the symbol of artifact, construction and building. It represents the practical and material.

Aries, the Ram, rising in the vernal (spring) equinox, and is the symbol of the creative impulse through which the potential becomes the actual. In Astrology, it governs the head and the brain. The torch is the symbol of light, education, liberty and increasing knowledge.

The colours are azure (blue), signifying loyalty and truth, and or (gold) signifying generosity and elevation of the Mind

The motto, “Mente et Artificio” translates from Latin as “With Mind and Hand”.

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Literature : Image and blazon from http://www.gg.ca; background by Geoffrey Lee.