Schorndorf (Oberpfalz)

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State : Bayern
District (Kreis) : Cham
Additions : 1972 Neuhaus, Obertraubenbach, Penting (partly), Thierling

Wappen von Schorndorf (Oberpfalz)/Arms (crest) of Schorndorf (Oberpfalz)
Official blazon
German In Blau unter einem silberbordierten blauen Schild, darin ein goldener Schrägbalken, schräggekreuzt eine silberne natürliche Lilie und eine silberne Ähre, rechts und links beseitet von zwei voneinander abgekehrten goldenen Halbmonden, unten ein aufrechter goldener Halbmond.
English blazon wanted


The arms were officially granted on April 27, 1983.

The fleur-de-lis is the symbol of St. Mary, since the 15th century patron saint of Schorndorf. The symbol also symbolises the Obermtinser Convent in Nenzing in the municipality. The wheat ear stands for the very long occupation and inhabitation of the area, as archaeological findings show cultivation of wheat in the area since the stone age. The crescents are derived from the arms of the Puchberg family, who had many possessions in Neuhaus. The small shield shows the arms of the Lords of Türling, who owned the Thierling estate in medieval times. The golden bend also symbolises the quartz layers in the municipality, as well as the rivers in the area.

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Literature: Image obtained from the Schorndorf council.