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Wappen von Schotten/Arms (crest) of Schotten

Country : Germany

State : Hessen

District (Kreis) : Vogelsbergkreis

(until 1972 Büdingen)

Additions: (to see click on expand)

  • 1970 Breungeshain
  • 1970 Busenborn
  • 1970 Eichelsachsen
  • 1970 Eschenrod
  • 1970 Götzen
  • 1970 Michelbach
  • 1970 Rainrod
  • 1970 Rudingshain
  • 1972 Betzenrod
  • 1972 Burkhards
  • 1972 Einartshausen
  • 1972 Kaulstoß
  • 1972 Sichenhausen
  • 1972 Wingershausen

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Official blazon
German Im blauen Schild auf einer wachsenden goldenen Kugel ein flugbereiter rotbewehrter silberner Vogel.
English blazon wanted


Schotten received city rights in 1354, but the oldest known seals of the city date from the 16th century. The seal showed a shield with a bird on a mountain. This is likely a canting arms for the Vogelsberg (Bird-mountain) region. It may, however, also be derived from the arms of the Lords of Weinsberg, who also used a eagle-like bird in their arms. In 1326 Konrad of Weinsberg acquired the village.

The arms were officially granted in 1962 and the hill in the base was replaced by a ball.

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Literature: Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.

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