Special Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade, 1st Armoured Division, US Army

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Official blazon

Shield: Quarterly Gules and Azure, a lightning bolt bendwise throughout Or between in second quarter a tower of the last windowed and door Gules and in third quarter a mullet Or surmounted by another Vert.
Crest: From a wreath Or and Gules, in front of a cogwheel of the last.
Motto: Simul militamus = We fight as one


Blue and red represent the Battalion's assignment to provide combat support to the 1st Brigade, 1st Armoured Division. The lightning bolt symbolises signal capabilities and immediate response by the Chemical Platoon. It also symbolises the seeking, gathering and dissemination of information of the Military Intelligence. The Tower indicates Engineer Support given to the Brigade. The Gold Star symbolise Texas where the Battalion was activated and the Green Star the Military Police element of the Battalion. The Crest denotes combat participation in World War II. The Coat of Arms was approved 1 October 2008.

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