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Additions : 1974 Hertford RDC (partly)

Arms (crest) of Stevenage

Official blazon

Arms : Argent on a Mount in base point Vert an Oak Tree eradicated proper fructed Or transfixed with a Sword in bend sinister point downward also proper hilt and pommel also Or and over all a Fesse Gules charged with six Mullets of six points Gold.
Crest : Out of a Crown Palisado Or a demi Hart proper its sinister fore leg resting upon a Cogwheel Gold, Mantled Vert doubled Argent.


The arms were officially granted on March 10, 1958.

The oak tree represents the great expanse of woodland in and around Stevenage, and the rural charm of the town. The acorns symbolise the steady growth and prosperity of the town. The sword comes from the Arms of the Bishops of London, who owned Stevenage during the Middle Ages. The red bar placed horizontally across the shield represents the Great North Road which runs through the centre of the town. The six stars represent the six neighbourhoods of the New Town, i.e., Old Stevenage, Bedwell, Broadwater, Shephall, Chells and Pin Green.

Upon the helm is a crown of palisades in gold. This represents a planned area. The crest proper is a figure in half-length of a hart, which comes from the Arms of the County of Hertfordshire in which Stevenage is situated. The hoof of the hart rests on a cogwheel. This symbolises the modern industry carried on in the industrial area of the New Town.

Stevenage Development Corporation

Stevenage was designated as a New Town in 1949 and the development project was carried out by the Stevenage Development Corporation.

Arms (crest) of the Stevenage Development Corporation

Official blazon

Arms : Or, a four-barred gate sable; a chief indented azure.
Crest: On a wreath of the colours, An oak tree fructed and eradicated proper enfiled at the base with a mural crowngules.
Supporters: On either side a stag proper gorged with a chain, pendent therefrom an escutcheon Or charged with an acorn slipped also proper.
Motto: Consider thy purpose.


The corporation received arms on October 26, 1950.

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