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District: Taraclia

Coat of arms of Taraclia

Official blazon


The arms were officially granted on February 16, 2022 and replaced arms granted on August 13, 2003 (see image below).

The lion is the lion of Bulgaria as the area was historically settled by Bulgarian people. The movement of the lion from left to right (from the right heraldic side to left) symbolizes the relocation of Bulgarians from west to east - the road from Bulgaria to Bessarabia. The plough reflects the basic livelihood of the Bulgarian settlers in Taraclia - agriculture. The plough is also a typical type for the region.

The base shows the symbol of the ancient Tarak family clan. The family lived in the Nogai village, which later developed in Taraclai and the city got its name from the family. The symbol also resembles the Slavonic letter T.

The supporters are a young boy and a girl dressed in national Bulgarian costumes of the Taraclia type. The elements of the costume reflect the areas from which Bulgarians relocate to Taraklia.

The motto means "The Bulgarian spirit is invincible", taken from the song "Bulgarians" by Veronica Ateva-Sketieva. The motto reflects the 200-year history of the Bulgarians from Taraclia, living under various political regimes: the royal period (1812-1918), the Romanian period (1918-1940; 1941-1944), the Soviet period (1940-1941; 1944-1991) and the independent Republic of Moldova. Despite the unevenness of life during these historical stages, Bulgarians from Bessarabia manage to preserve their spirituality: their native language, traditions and customs.

Arms of Taraclia

The emblem of the city used on souvenir badges during the Soviet era
Arms of Taraclia

The arms from 2003

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