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Region: Lombardia
Province : Como
Additions : 2014 Lenno, Ossuccio, Tremezzo, Mezzegra

Stemma di Tremezzina/Arms (crest) of Tremezzina
Official blazon
Italian blazon wanted
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The arms were officially granted on June 13, 2017.

The fire and the phoenix recall the episodes of violence and guerrilla warfare that occurred in the stretch of the Tremezzina. The sun in the upper part is a more generic symbol for the very sunny region.

Already in 1928 a municipality with the same name was founded from Lenno, Mezzegra and Tremezzo, but this municipality was split again in 1948. It did receive its own coat of arms on June 16, 1934.

Stemma di Tremezzina/Arms (crest) of Tremezzina

The silver fountain in a blue field is a reminder of the monastery of Acquafredda in the territory of Lenno and the wavy bends are taken from the coats of arms of the Giulini and Brentano families. The waves also indicate that the municipality is situated on the shores of Lake Como.

The new 2017 arms were the result of a long process with many different proposals showing a range of elements, as can be seen from the gallery of proposals below.

Stemma di Tremezzina (proposta)

In a quartered shield symbols taken from the previous coats of arms are inserted.

For Ossuccio the flame, for Lenno the temple of three columns,
for Mezzegra the brenta and for Tremezzo the phoenix rising from the flames.

Stemma di Tremezzina (proposta)

The bars symbolise the geophysical conformation of the Tremezzina area.

The points recall the episodes of violence and the numerous battles for the control of this territory.
The T remembers the name of the municipality.

Stemma di Tremezzina (proposta)

As the previous, but with four stars for the four former municipalities.

Additional proposals:

Stemma di Tremezzina/Arms (crest) of Tremezzina

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