302nd Maintenance Battalion, US Army

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Arms of 302nd Maintenance Battalion, US Army

(Coat of Arms)
Arms of 302nd Maintenance Battalion, US Army

(Distinctive Unit Insignia)

Official blazon

Shield: Gules (Crimson), on a pile Or surmounted at tip with a fountain, a winged wheel Celeste charged with a hexagon on the second
Crest: That for the Regiments and separate Battalions of the Army Reserve: From a wreath Or and Crimson the Lexington Minute Man Proper. The Statue of the Minute Man
Captain John Parker (H.H. Kitson, sculptor) stands on the common in Lexington, Massachusetts,
Motto: Optimum service

Distictive Unit Insignia, Description: A Gold color metal and enamel device 1 1/8 inches (2.86 cm) in height overall consting of a gold inverted triangle
with its lower portion on a light blue enamel demi-segment of a disc and its base point enarched, bearing a light blue enamel winged wheel,
wings displayed and the wheel surmounted by a gold hexagon, angle up,
all above a red enamel scroll lined gold, convolting to the sides the tirnagle, inscribed "OPTIMUM SERVICE" in gold letters.


Crimson and light blue are the colours used for Maintenance Units. The Triangle and Winged Wheel is form the Arms of the City of St Paul, the unit's home site
The Heraldic Fountain alludes to Minnesota, called Land of 10,000 Lakes.The Wheel also denotes mobile maintenance, the Wings Aircraft maintenance. The Hexagon
symbolizes both the tool and the chemical dencontamination aspects of the organization's mission. The Coat of Arms was approved on 23 August 1996 and the
Distinctive Unit Insignia on 22 april 1969.

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