40th Cavalry Regiment (formerly 40th Armor), US Army

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Arms of 40th Cavalry Regiment (formerly 40th Armor), US Army

(Coat of Arms)
Arms of 40th Cavalry Regiment (formerly 40th Armor), US Army

(Distinctive Unit Insginia)

Official blazon

Shield: Vert, a demi-dinosaur (Tyrannosaurus) rampant couped argent, eyed gules, langed azure, holding in its sinister claw a sword erect of the second, inflamed proper.
Crest: Ona wreath of the colors argent and vert, behind a lion rampant gules, armed and langued azure, grasping a fir tree sinister bendwise eradicated of the first, a portcullis sable cloue argent.
Motto: By Force and Valor.


The Dinosaur symbolizes the destorying force of Armour. The Flaming Sword indicates the the seal of the Regiment's personnel in performing their duties. The Uproted tree symbolizes the Battle of the Hurtgen Forest in Germany during World War II. The Lion is from the Arms of Belgium and alludes to combat in the Ardennes during World War II. The Portcullis stands for Fortifications of Europe, it also alludes to the Iron Curtain and Cold War Service in Germany. The Fir tree is white to allude to the Snow-covered Forests of Alaska, where units of the Regiment also served during the Cold War. Approved 28 July 1989.

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