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Personal arms


Registration no.: 027/2019

Individual/family : Individual
Country of origin : Portugal
Place of origin : -
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

Faria arms.png

Official English blazon

Azure, a comet palewise Argent. Crest: A winged demi-fox argent armed and langued azure grasping a telescope Azure. Motto: Ex Astris, Ad Astra

Other language blazon


The comet/shooting star represents the armiger's undying optimism and wonder in the world, as they choose it to have the symbology of wonder and hope. The shield design itself shows their love for simplicity, and the choice for something that was old yet very underused is made on purpose, showing their love of what's peculiar, odd, different, as the armiger themselves is in many things in life. The winged demi fox is a nod to the armiger's origins. The fox itself represents shrewdness and their willingness and ability to think outside the box. The wings on the fox, making it a mythical beast, show their love for all things fantastical, and the telescope the armiger's love for all things scientific

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