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ARCHDIOCESE OF SANTA FE (Archidioecesis Sanctae Fidei in America Septentrionali)

For the former Argentine Archdiocese with the same name (1934-1992), see Archdiocese of Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz.

Country : United States
Denomination : Roman Catholic

Established : 1850 as Apostolic Vicariate of New Mexico
Elevated 1853 to Diocese of Santa Fe
Elevated 1855 to Archdiocese of Santa Fe

Arms (crest) of Archdiocese of Santa Fe

Official blazon


The arms are composed of a red field on which is displayed a gold cross of "The Faith," to signify the name of the See city, "Holy Faith". The upper left quarter shows a tower triple­ towered, of Castile (referring to Spain).

Issuant from the base are the crossed arms of Christ and St. Francis of Assisi, a classic representation of St.Francis, to honor the titular of the Cathedral in the City of Santa Fe.

The red and gold are traditional Spanish colors, signifying that the area around Santa Fe was, for a long time, a Spanish Colony.

Arms of Archdiocese of Santa Fe

The arms near the cathedral
(Image by David Commini)

Arms of Archbishops

Arms of Auxiliary bishops

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