Augustin Verot

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Born : May 1804
Deceased : June 10, 1876

Bishop of Saint Augustine, 1857-1876
Bishop of Savannah, 1861-1870

Arms of Augustin Verot

Bishop of Saint Augustine
Arms of Augustin Verot

Bishop of Savannah

Official blazon

Purpure, a heart flaming and bleeding encompassed by a crown of thorns and surmounted by Latin cross argent.


Bishop Verot used as emblem in his coat of arms the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, with the tincture of the field in purpure, the liturgical tincture symbolical of penance and humility.

The heart is also one of the symbols of Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo and Doctor of the Church, Patron of the Diocese.

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Literature : information from Diocese of Savannah