Calendrier Héraldique Vaudois

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Calendrier Héraldique Vaudois

Arms (crest) of Calendrier Héraldique Vaudois

Series information :

  • Date of issue : 1902-?
  • Number of calendars: ?
  • Variants : -


This is a series of rather small (12x24 cm) paper book calendars printed by Payot & Cie, Lausanne, Switzerland. I have no idea how many have been issued, as I only know 1915-1919, but on the 1919 issue it is stated that it is the 18th issue, I thus presume the series started in 1902.

The inside shows on the left page the monthly calendar , and on the right an heraldic drawing. During the years, and in single calendars, arms of people, towns, villages, associaltions or religious bodies were printed. Somethimes also groups of arms, as for example several cantonal arms in 1915.

An example of the inside:


The known calendars: