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Country: United States
Campus/location : Washington DC

Arms (crest) of Catholic University of America

Official blazon

Quarterly, azure and argent, a cross quarterly of the last and gules, in dexter chief a crescent, over all in fess point an open book of the second, garnished and charged with the legend "Deus lux mea est" or.


The tinctures red, white and blue of the United States flag indicate the national scope of the University. The crescent is the symbol of the Immaculate Conception, the Patroness of the United States. The cross of the Catholic Faith joins the four quarters of the shield which represent the four points of the compass.

The open book, a symbol of learning and wisdom, appropriately represents a Catholic university since it is inscribed with the legend Deus lux mea est, "God is my light." The motto is taken from Psalm 26, verse 1: Dominus lux mea et salus mea; quem timebo? which is translat ed : "The Lord is my light and sal­ ation; whom shall I fear?"


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