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Elba (Isola d'Elba) is an island in the Livorno province.

Stemma di Elba

Official blazon


The arms are based on the flag of the island, created by the former French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte as sovereign of the island of Elba, from 4 May 1814 to 26 February 1815.

The origin of the flag is not known, but several theories have been proposed, see here.

The flag has never officially been transformed into arms. The design is, however, part of the arms of several municipalities on the island (Campo nell'Elba, Marciana Marina and Rio Marina), as well as of the arms of the Livorno province.

In more recent years the 'arms' have been used on souvenirs, even with the bend in the wrong direction, see images below.

Stemma di Elba

The arms on a souvenir coin (2014)
Stemma di Elba

The arms on a souvenir patch

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