Ernesto Juan Anaya

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Personal arms


Registration no.: 016/2019

Individual/family : Individual
Country of origin : United States
Place of origin : Ponce, Puerto Rico
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

Anaya arms.jpeg

Official English blazon

Banner of Ernesto Juan Anaya

Azure, a fess embattled Or between in chief two saltires each of two muzzle-loading cannon barrels and in base a six pointed star Argent.

Crest: On a mound Vert, a Paschal Lamb haloed Or, supporting a staff proper the point Or flying a banner Argent charged with a cross Gules.

Motto: Esse Veracem (Be Truthful).

Other language blazon


The embattled fess signifies military leadership. The Two cannons crossed in saltier denote service as an Artillery Officer and that the armiger is one of twin brothers. The six-point star represents the armiger’s university degree in astrophysics, a long fascination with the field, and membership in The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. The Paschal Lamb Crest signifies Puerto Rico’s coat of arms.

Registration details

The International Register of Arms, 1st Feb. 2019. Registration No. 0483 (Vol.3).


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