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Coat of arms (crest) of the HMS Gotland, Swedish Navy

Official blazon

I blått fält Gotlands vapenbild, en stående vädur av silver med beväring av guld, bärande på en korsprydd stång av guld ett rött banér med bård och fem flikar av guld.

(Azure, the provincial badge of gotland, a ram passant argent,a rmed or, banner gules with crosstaff, edging and five flaps or)

Motto (not shown): Gothus sum, cave cornua = I'am a Goth, beware of the horns


The Coat of Arms of the namegiving Island of Gotland. The nmae has been born by a 50-Gun Ship of the Line in Service 1682-1722, a Cruiser in Service 1934-1960 (during a Exercise in Kattegatt in 1941 she discovered the German Battleship Bismarck and Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen making their way to the North Sea. Intelligence that was later handed to the British). At present the name is used by a Submarine in Service since 1996.

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Literature: Braunstein: Heraldiska vapen inom det svenska försvaret - Heraldry of the Swedish Armed Forces.