Ivan Lončarević

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Personal arms


Registration no.: 030/2019

Individual/family : Individual
Country of origin : Croatia
Place of origin : Zagreb
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

Arms of Ivan Lončarević

Official English blazon

Per bend Gules and Vert, on a bend Argent, three Fagus Sylvatica Leaves Vert, in chief a tripod pot Argent. For a crest a tripod clay pot proper.

Other language blazon


The Argent Bend represents the street Srebrnjak in which the armiger have lived for all their life. Srebrnjak means Silver coin in Croatian (derived from the word Srebro which means Silver) and it goes uphill on the part where they live, which is the reason why they chose the Bend ordinary (it is tilted). Three Fagus Sylvatica leaves symbolize the armiger's love for the nature, especially forests which they've always loved and have always spent a lot of teir free time in. The armiger chose Fagus Sylvatica leaves because it is one of the most dominant tree species in their hometown and surrounding area, especially on Medvednica Mountain where they often go climbing. The leaves also symbolize the fact that the armiger finished a forester technician high school and one of their nicknames in the elementary school was the Forester. The pot symbolizes the armiger's surname Lončarević which is derived from the word Lončar (Potter in Croatian), as well as many nicknames that they've had derived from that surname such as Lončar (Cro.Potter) and Lonac (Cro.Pott).

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