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Personal arms


Registration no.: 026/2019

Individual/family : Individual
Country of origin : Germany
Place of origin : Hildesheim, Lower Saxony
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

Fritz arms.png

Official English blazon

Purpure, a griffin segreant Argent beaked and armed Or and langued Gules, in her dexter hand bearing aloft a saber Argent hilted Gules with quillons and a pommel Or, a comble embattled Or, mantled Purpure doubled Argent, For a crest, a broken Catherines wheel Or.

Other language blazon

Unter einem goldenen Zinnenschildgipfel auf purpurnem Grund ein silberner Greif mit roter Zunge und goldener Bewehrung, in der rechten Klaue einen silbernen Säbel mit rotem Heft, goldenem Knauf sowie Parierstange schwingend, auf dem Helm mit purpurnen-silbernen Decken ein goldenes zerbrochenes Richtrad


The colour of the field, Purpure, is the armiger's favourite colour. The griffin symbolises their family's origins in Pomerania, where they owned an estate until the end of the Second World War. Griffins are also the armiger's favourite heraldic beasts (to emblazon). The comble, a dimunitive of the chief, embattled, visualising castle battlements, is supposed to represent the armiger's not-so-outgoing nature. The reason smaller comble allows for better spacing as opposed to a chief. The sabre is included to add visual interest. The broken Catherine wheel as the crest is a reference to local communal heraldry as well as the story of Saint Catherine which the armiger appreciates, although they are irreligious.

Registration details

www.reddit.com/r/heraldry "Subreddit Roll of Arms"
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