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Born : August 23, 1814
Deceased : October 3, 1877

Bishop of Newark, 1853 - 1872
Archbishop of Baltimore, 1872 - 1877

Arms of James Roosevelt Bayley

Bishop of Newark
Arms of James Roosevelt Bayley

Archbishop of Baltimore

Official blazon

  • (Baltimore) Sable, upon the battlements of a tower, two martlets respecting one another, argent. Motto: Non habemus hic manentem civitatem (We have not here a lasting city, Hebr. 13:14).


The two martlets are taken from the arms of a Bayley family of Ireland (most likely not related to the bishop). The tower argent is allusive to the motto. The motto is inscribed on a ribbon around the shield and in base there is on it an escallop shell, symbol of Saint James the Apostle, the Archbishop's baptismal name.

The motto is taken from the Epistle of Saint Paul the Apostle to the Flebrews, chapter 13, verse 14: Non enim habemus hic manenten ciuitatem, sed futuram inquirimzs, which is translated: "For here we have no permanent city, but we seek for the city that is to come."

As Bishop of Newark he had another coat of arms which was blazoned Argent, three torteaux, two and one, gules, a chief of the last. Motto: Per fidem non per speciem (By Faith and not by sight).

These were the arms of the Bayley family, originally from Hoddleston, Hertfordshire, England, and not related to the Bishop and thus these were not deemed to be proper.

The motto is taken from the Second Epistle of Saint Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians, Chapter 5, verse 7.

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