Jesús Omar Guevara Rivas

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Registration no.: 028/2016

Individual/family : Individual
Country of origin : Venezuela
Place of origin : Aragua
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

Jesús Omar Guevara Rivas arms.png

Official English blazon

Quarterly: 1º and 4º vert; 2º and 3º argent. Brochant, a azure cross.


Other language blazon

Spanish: Blasón cuartelado: 1º y 4º, de sinople; 2º y 3º, de plata. Brochante, una cruz de azur.



These are canting arms for "Jesús", the spanish form of the birthname "Jesus".

The white and green represent the former bipartisan system of my country, Venezuela, and therefore, my profession (political science). The cross represent the equilibrium and power of the Republic as political institution, who trascends the political parties.

The triad of colours represents the values of the French Revolution: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité. And each colour represents the main ideologies that inspired me: socialdemocracy (white, for the venezuelan political party AD, who i'm a militant), republicanism (blue) and classical and moderated liberalism (green -the colour resultant of mixing yellow with blue-, and not a pure yellow who is the symbol of libertarianism).

Blue, white and green are the colours of the flag of my native city, Maracay, capital of Aragua State.

The combination itself represents the main visible nature elements: forests (green), sky and clouds (white) and water (blue), as a proclamation of a naturalistic world of view.

The number of the parts of the shield recalls the four basic forces of the universe: gravity, electromagnetism, electroweak interaction and strong interaction; linking again with the naturalistic symbolism.

Blue, white and green are, also, the favourite combination of colours of the armiger, used in my personal flag, in this same order.

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