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Country: Russia
Campus/location : Krasnoarmeyskoye (Chuvash Republic)

Coat of arms (crest) of Krasnoarmeyskaya Children's School of Arts

Official blazon

В лазоревом (синем, голубом) поле с выгнутой главой в цвет поля, широко окаймленной серебром и обремененной золотым косым равноконечным вырубным крестом, серебряная, усеянная золотыми безантами и червлеными (красными), лазоревыми, черными, зелеными и пурпурными шарами, идущая волчица с золотым языком, на спине которой сидит обращенный серебряный мальчик в золотых чувашских штанах и рубахе, играющий на пурпурном шапаре (национальном чувашском духовом музыкальном инструменте- пузыре). Девиз «ЗДРАВСТВУЙ МИР» начертан золотыми литерами на лазоревой ленте с золотым подбоем.


The arms were officially granted on April 7, 2009.

The school's coat of arms is based on the myth of a Turkic boy, who was saved from the enemies who exterminated his tribe by a she-wolf, who is the patron saint, a guide to the mythology of almost all Turkic and Mongolian peoples. Multicolored, variegated, emitting from the mouth the fire of creativity, the she-wolf in the coat of arms symbolizes beauty; the spots on her skin are like “golden eyes”, represent the diversity of her perfection and at the same time allegorically reflect the artistic department of the educational institution.

The folklore of the Chuvash is based on a song, the performance of most of which was always accompanied by playing a variety of musical instruments: shapar, bagpipes (sarnay), kesle, etc.

In the Krasnoarmeisky district there is the village of Shipyrlavar, which got its name from the Shaparlavar ravine, located 200 meters from it. There, in the old days, shapar players from all over the area gathered for a competition.

Folk musical culture remains relevant today. The folklore ensemble "Trak en", whose composition is replenished by graduates of the music department of the school of arts, uses many ancient musical instruments, including the shapar, in its work, therefore it is known not only in Chuvashia, but also far beyond the republic.

In the upper part of the shield there is a guiding star with a zodiacal arc, symbolizing the living connection between heaven and earth, between the past and the future, the introduction of children to the national culture, customs and traditions of their native land.

The motto "Hello World" symbolizes the joy of the heart, capable of capturing each of us to creativity, the light of truth, mercy, faith.

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