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Arms of Laingsburg Hospital

Official blazon

  • (af)

Wapen: In blou, 'n deurlopende silwer brug met drie bou, in die skildvoet vergesel van 'n antieke lamp met twee handvatsels, ook silwer, goud gevlam; 'n hoekige goue skildhoof.
Helmteken: 'n Blou Taukruis getop met 'n goue vlam en omwonde van twee toegewende silwer slange, aan weerskante vergesel van 'n blou Taukruisie.
Wrong en Dekklede: Blou en silwer.

  • (en)

Arms: Azure, a bridge of three arches throughout Argent, in base a double-handled antique lamp, also Argent, enflamed Or; a chief dancetty of the last.
Crest: A Tau cross Azure ensigned of a flame Or and entwined of two serpents respectant Argent, between two Tau crosslets Azure.
Wreath and mantling: Azure and Argent.


The arms were officially granted on November 24, 1992.

We have no information on the meaning or origin of these arms.

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