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Arms of Manchester Ship Canal Company

Official blazon



The arms were officially granted on ?

The arms combine the arms of the City of Manchester in the upper half, and in base the arms of the City of Salford impaling those of the County Borough of Warrington. A difference has been introduced by the substitution of a steamship for the sailing-ship in the chief of Manchester, while the bordure has been omitted from the Warrington coat.

Above the shield is Manchester's crest of a terrestrial glove semé of bees volant, placed between two other crests on torses resting on the top of the shield. That on the dexter is a demi-lion supporting a staff and therefrom flying to the dexter a flag — presumably based on the crest of Salford but omitting the shuttle with which the flag is charged. The crest to the sinister is described as a sword and mace in saltire, the sword enfiled with a wreath of laurel, both surmounted by a scroll bearing the inscription ' Anno Victoriae Reginae."

The shield is supported by an antelope, collared and chained, and a lion guardant murally crowned, each charged on the shoulder with a rose. These are precisely the supporters of the City of Manchester.

The motto is 'Navigation and Commerce'

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