Mattéo D'Henry

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Personal arms


Registration no.: 024/2020

Individual/family : Individual
Country of origin : France
Place of origin : Dunkerque, Flandre, Nord, Haut-De-France
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

DHenry arms.png

Official English blazon

Other language blazon

French: D’argent au lion rampant de gueules armé, lampassé, accorné tel un bélier et allumé d’azur et à la bordure de gueules poinçonné de mouchetures d’hermines 2 2 2 1 du champ. Au cimier, une sphinge grecque, bifront d’azur.


The lion is emblematic of Flanders while the horn refers to a ram, the armiger's totem. The ermine is chosen to remind of Brittany, a region important to the armiger. The ermines (7) stand for the seven branch of the menorah as a symbol of Judaic faith. The colour blue is a symbol of knowledge. The double-faced sphinx is a mix between the sphynx of Thebes and the roman god Janus to represent knowledge of time and logic.

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