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Born : January 3, 1970
Deceased :

Apostolic Nuncio to Iraq, 2020-present; Titular Archbishop of Beneventum

Arms of Mitja Leskovar

Official blazon


The silver triple-hill on the blue field indicates the Holy Trinity, at the same time it expresses his joy for mining. The golden star represents the blessed Virgin Mary.

The laurel wreath on the red field means the victory of martyrs who spilled their blood because of faith. This motive was chosen because the patron saint of the archbishop is St. Demetrius, a martyr from the first century of the Church.

The olive tree on a silver field is linked to the motto Crux lignum vitae, which means The cross is the tree of life The tree is also partly canting for the name Leskovar.

The colors are close to the Slovenian colours, the country of birth of the archbishop.


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