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Country: Australia
Campus/location : Melbourne-Clayton

Arms of Monash University

Official blazon

Arms : Azure, a Chevron Argent, between in chief an open Book proper, bound, clasped, and edged Or, and a Sword environed by a Laurel Wreath Gold; and in base a representation of the Constellation of the Southern Cross, also Argent.
Motto: 'Ancora Imparo'.


The arms were granted on November 20, 1963.

The open book is commonly found on the shields of universities and learned societies and symbolizes the pursuit of knowledge, the stars of the Southern Cross are of course appropriate to our geographical position, and the wreath and sword are a quotation from the shield of Sir John Monash.

The motto 'Ancora Imparo' is said to have been a saying of Michelangelo's and means 'I am still learning'.

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