Noel Zbigniew Gondek

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Registration no.: 003/2017

Individual/family : Individual
Country of origin : Canada
Place of origin : Ontario
Granted : -
Granted/officially recorded by : -

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Official English blazon

Sable on a chief Argent three fleurs de lis Tenne.

Other language blazon


The Ecclesiastical Coat of Arms of Noel Zbigniew Gondek, an Oblate of Saint Francis, is made in 3 parts.

Above the shield sits a black galero. It is the symbol of the Order of the Presbyter while the accompanying six purple tassels signify the office of Archdeacon. This modest headdress with a single loop and cord symbolize simplicity, humility and prayer.

The white bar atop the shield represents purity. It symbolizes the body as a Temple of the Holy Ghost, reminding that mankind was bought by the innocent blood of Jesus Christ. The three brown Fleur-de-lys at the centre of this field symbolize love for, and consecration to, both the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary. It further calls to mind that under Franciscan obedience an oblate must diligently study and that the only true knowledge is knowledge inspired by our heavenly Father.

The black field at the bottom of the shield represents penitentia, and the giving over of oneself to the Holy Ghost for the formation of a Christian spirit rooted in fidelity and joy through honourable work.

The motto Nolite Timere means "Be not afraid" and recalls the assurance and goodness of Almighty God to all mankind.

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