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Registration no.: 001/2016

Individual/family : Individual
Country of origin : Norway
Place of origin : Hof, Hedmark
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

Arms of Oskar Aanmoen

Official English blazon

Arms: Per pale Vert and Or in dexter chief an oak tree Argent.

Crest: A demi Norwegian fox rampant Proper holding in his forepaws a Latin Cross from which is flying a pennon Vert a cross Or.

Motto: Absque Labore Nihil (Nothing without labour)

Other language blazon

Norwegian: Skjold: Vertikalt todelt i grønt og gult. Øvre del av grønn venstre del bærer familiens symbol et hvitt tre, eik eller epletre. Hjelmtegn: Stående rødrev bærende på et latinsk kors med et nordisk kors i gult på grønn bakgrunn. Motto: Absque Labore Nihil, oversatt til: Ingenting uten arbeid.


The arms are based upon ancient symbols that have been associated with the family for generations. The white tree symbolizes steadfastness, confidence and strength, with white symbolising loyalty and knowledge. The green represents the forest and the yellow cornfields; the family having worked the land for centuries.

All those who are descendants of Martin Aanmoen (1880-1959) and Olga Aanmoen (1891-1961) and bearing the surname Aanmoen are allowed to bear these arms as representatives of the family.

Assumed: The arms were first designed in 2010 assumed in their present form 2016

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