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Vancouver Island University

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{|width="100%" style="color:black; background-color:#ffffcc;"|width="15%"|[[File:Canada.jpg|50 px|left]]|width="70%" align="center" |'''Heraldry of the World<br>Civic heraldry of [[Canada]] > [[:Category:Educational heraldry of Canada|Educational heraldry]]'''|width="15%"|[[File:Canada.jpg|50 px|right]]|{ca}}
'''{{uc:{{PAGENAME}}}}''' (until 2008 Malaspina University-College)
'''Crest''' : Issuant from a Salish canoe Gules a demi-sun in splendour Or<br>
'''Supporters''' : On a grassy mount set with fir trees Vert in front of mountains proper crested Argent all rising above barry wavy Argent and Azure two eagles Or heads Argent wings elevated and addorsed Azure<br>
'''[[:Category:Mottoes all|Motto]]''' : Discoveries in education
The arms were officially granted on May 20, 1995.
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