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Country: Australia
Location : Sydney

Arms of Sydney Grammar School

Official blazon

Arms : Or, on a Cross Sable five Mullets of the first, on a Chief of the second an open Book Gold inscribed thereon Laus Deo in Letters also of the second.
Motto: 'Laus Deo'.


The arms were granted on June 8, 1951.

The wyvern in the Crest, the cross, and the twelve escallops are taken from the Arms used by the Rev. John Wesley, the escallops also being in the Arms used by Kingswood School, Bath (UK), with which Newington College was associated at its foundation.

The mullets represent the Southern Cross, and refer to the Arms of the State of New South Wales. The Lamp of Learning and Truth is self-explanatory for an establishment of learning and religious teaching.

Arms of Sydney Grammar School

The arms on the school
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