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Arms and flags : Unknown publisher


Series information :

  • Date of issue : ?
  • Number of cards : ?
  • Image variants : ?


I have no idea which company published these stamps. Any help is welcome ! There is no reference to the company or publisher, but all stamps are issued with the country/town name in three languages (German, French, English).

There are three very similar series, which are also numbered in the same way. The first type shows a sitting female figure holding a coat of arms of a city, the second type shows the arms of a country with crossed flags beneath. The third only show sthe arms, no flags.

A fouth type shows a man, holding the arms of Brighton in the UK. This series, 327, is numbered differntly. I have no more images of that type.


Known stamps:


Cities (type 1):

Cities (type 2):

Cities (type 3):


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