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Wappen von Uri

Official blazon


The arms of Uri date from the early 13th century. The oldest known seal dates from 1249, but is probably older. It shows already a bull's head with a ring.

Seal of Uri

The first seal (used from 1249)
Seal of Uri

The second seal (used from 1258)
Seal of Uri

The third seal (used from 1353)
Seal of Uri

The fourth seal (used from 1489)

The bull was probably a canting symbol. The oldest Germanic tribes to settle in the area named the area Ur (wilderness). The land was inhabited by a kind of bulls, known as Urochs (Bos primigenus), the ancestor of our present cows.

The arms of the canton thus have basically not changed since.

Arms of Uri

The arms on a 1569 coin
Arms of Uri

The arms on a 1610 coin
Arms of Uri

The arms on a 1726 coin
Arms of Uri

The arms on a 1811 coin
Wappen von/Blason de Uri

Wappen von/Blason de Uri

Variations of the arms in the Kaffee Hag albums 1914-1960
Wappen von/Blason de Uri

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